Thursday, April 13, 2006

Watch that swing...

We had just recovered from augusta and some are still making fuss about Tiger's statement. M might have just won it but some others prefers to make unneccessary headlines. After seeing golfers going thru paces in a hectic final day , I was amazed at some who attempted to paraded beautiful lass making putts on the green. Geeeee ... what are they trying to do ?
Anyway , back to the swing. I am back to golf swing after hectic year end closings. Being involved in accounting , with your financial accounts ending in March , I have not been golfing much lately. Making it quite difficult to maintain that swing. But after a round of 84 gross on Tuesday , I might be able to make it back to low 80's again.
KGM is organising Sarawak Amateur Open at end of April. I am not into it this time simply because my handicapp have been demoted to 13.1 (MGA NHS). Making things worse , when marking my score on the card , I get this eery and nasty look from my fellow golfers. What ? you are playing 14 ? Among other reason why I have not been golfing much is simply because of our beautiful "alya". She is now about to reach 5 months old. And most of the time , after work , I have always caught up with either making it to the first tee or turn right and head home to see our dearest "Alya".

anyway , dad is playing again early tomorrow morning.....(miri cuti beb ...)

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