Monday, April 10, 2006

Golf Addix leaving miri...

It is ironic that government counters are still in the dark ages on how to treat customers esp when young families visited their counters. They have special consultations rooms which is not used and left unused. Or maybe when some dato or YB or mentiri visit the offices , only then such facilities will be used.
They could be more caring to customers who have to bring along their small child with them. I dont have any maids at home , so I have to bring the whole package to the counters. And when I can't reproduce a copy of some document , I was asked to go out of the que and make copies. I did went beserk searching for a nearby facility and left my kids in the waiting chairs.

Pak Lah....I am not voting for your offices next election for sure...


Floods in KL .... ? Who is to blame ?


Pindah KL yahooooooooooooooooooooooo..........................................


Liverpool win again . Tiger misses out the Masters. Phil Mickleson won it and it will be the biggest fluke of the century. World Cup....errrr.

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