Saturday, April 08, 2006

Some Sat view Golf courses in kl

Went there twice back in 2004 and 2005. Sri Selangor has some tight fairways. The water hazards on the first hole can be a bit tricky. Some of the greens are elavated , which simple means the yardage can be a bit funny.

Heard so much about UKM Bangi. Have not ventured to the course yet. So I dont have any idea what the course looks like . Unless anyout out there willing to give us some clues on what to expect from the course.

KDE Ampang. Since I will be moving on to Desa Pandan very soon , I guess I might buy a club membership close to me , which is actually KDE. Played there with some Ampang frens. But it was not a good outing. Maybe being new to the course , I had some hesitation on hitting a few shots here and there. I like the short par 3. The par fives are reachable in two but both needs a good tee shot for you to play a good long 2nd shot to the green.

IOI palm garden. Played there once back in 2004. Short and hilly. Very undular fairways, at times you might end up not liking your straight tee shot to the fairways. The fairway is a bit softie when it rains , which explains why many dont like to play there at nite.
I had never seen BUkit Jalil gour course yet. But in few months time , hopefully I will have that oppurtunity to try it. By end of the month I should know when I will be moving back to Metropolitan key el...


golfer melayu said...

Try Peransang Templer, Dude..a friendly golf club,at least it has 18-holes, ...not that far from Desa Pandan either.
BTW, if you're SDARA, I usually play with one of your alumnus bro from SKALI. Maybe once you're KL.. we can "calling-calling"

moz monster said...

I definately think you should try out Templer Park - not Perangsang - it's a very nice course - plenty of water and smart bunkering.

Just avoid UPM - it's a commando course.