Saturday, April 22, 2006

If you have make a promise

Golf is never a game that you can master in a day after reading the hitchhickers guide to golf. Indeed you need the skills , passion and a lot of patience. But what hit me today is something other than the game it self. I was approached by a fren , who wanted to play over the weekend and ask me to get the bookings done for the four of us. So I did. And make the bookings with sms flying around for confirmations. Even on friday evening , another golfer reminds everyone of the tee times and where to play.

At 6.30 am , a golfer called me to inform that a fren who should be playing with us is now at the tee box playing with some VIP. Oh boy !!! I guess we golfers with no magic titles in front of our names will not get priorities and the liberty to be informed that he could not make it.

well .......... I guess we know who you are now.
played 89 today with one long birdie putt. The rest of it .... nahhhhh u don't wanna bother .


A boy was beaten to death again this week at a government properties , in a so called "making yourself proud of your country" programme. Two things I have to say out loud. Parents , you should fight to the courts against sending your kids . Second , where is the so called regulators in those programmes. Sleeping over work ???


Pollution in malaysian rivers ! Ello....whom are you kidding ? Everyone are to be blamed. Why ? Go out there and take a good hard look at those rivers and the surroundings developments . Dont tell me you are not among one of them ...


ha ha ha ha ha ha...playing another 18 hole tomorrow morning ...


dave said...

That was incredible rude of that person; not even the courtesy to tell anyone.

PrincessRen said...

weh liverpool masuk final lah.. hahah yeahooo... final lawan west ham or middlesbrough.. i can see stevie G lifting that FA cup now.. :D

Golf Addix said...

we have enlisted the person into the hall of fame for "dont call them up to play golf".

tak menyesal tgk sampai pagi. dah lah tu lepas tu tidur kejap aje. 6.30 dah pukul bola golf...18 lubang. balik rumah kepala pening...