Monday, January 30, 2006

Golf over the long weekend

Did played on saturday and today. Managed to dig below 90 again and 8 pars per each round. The only problem is when I do make a mess of my approach to the green , it will hurt me so bad and I end up playing double or triple bogey for that hole. Hitting the ball with the driver from the tee is not so much of a problem . The only problem now is my approach to the green. Only 5 green on regulation today and also for saturday. I have got to make that time with club pro to check on my iron shots.Anyway , I won 8 balls today, he he he...with one sandy par on the par 5 6th.


Liverpool won against Portsmouth last nite and honestly I almost went to sleep watching the game. Not much of a good passing game but they went through to the next round.


Hate reading the news today on cases of child abuse.

Pick of the day : French toast in the morning....


Indi said...

classic problems in golf: short game

i am now learning Dave Pelz Short Game Bible and since he has developed a theory with Tom Kite and Lee Janzen, he suggests that you perform different backswings for different distances from 100 yards to hole - BUT keep using the same follow through instead. that way you will ensure that you always maintain good acceleration at impact.

using clock angles:

7:30 55 yards
9:00 70 yards
10:30 95 yards is his website.

please let me know if you are interested to read his book.

Golf Addix said...

thanks Indi. already fixed the short game blitz. it is not so much of the backswing , instead the grip has been the main culprit for the problem.

Indi said...

as far as grip is concerned, dave pelz suggested that you use "dead hands" method. leaving everything to in sync with your body during impact. there is some cocking on backswing and uncocking at impant - but your hands should remain dead.

by the way, do you maintain the same follow through for all pitch shots from 100 yards inward?