Saturday, January 14, 2006

Where r u

If you happen to be playing this weekend , I sincerely hope the heavy rain have not spoil your game. But If you are at home like with no one to play with , it is sickening right. Suddenly I fail to find anyone to play golf with this weekend.
So I ended up waking up quite late and preparing food at home and eat , eat and eat.Maybe the cloudy and rains have something to do with the mood for this weekend. For those who are battling the showers out there, well , you guys must have been having fun.

Met with some MGA golfers on friday afternoon at KK airport. They have just completed the freindly match against SGA and SGA , well Sabah and Sarawak GA. And next month the Malaysian Open will be at KLGCC. Maybe I arranged for a trip or two to KL during that weekend.

Nude golfers ? Naaahhhh , I am just foolin around...

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