Monday, January 02, 2006

When is the last time you take time out...

Mental strength and physical fitness are two important features which amateurs forgotten to add to their practise regime. Most appears to go to the practise range to sweat out and hit 100 balls a day only for the sake of makin the time for it. Hoping it will have some drastic effect on their swing , the next day the same amatuer will cursing his or her swing everytime the ball went left or right or even into the unforgiven hazzards.
So how do you develop mental strength. Some religous offers some solution but for me , learning to ignore my little daughter mid nite chorus is one way of doing it. Or you can try sit next to a boiling kettle which has that whistling features and ignore the deafning sound when it boils. Or you can try sitting infront of a busy street, trying to ignore the vehicles thats passes by and focus on an object across the road without blinking an eye.
Mental strength is the one thing that good professional golfers has. Tiger may not be the 1st in long drive but he is one of those golfers who can hit it hard and long with thousand spectators standing close to him. Even for me on occasion , I will sort of stumble on my drive if I have more than 10 golfers waiting behind me.
The other factor would simply be fitness. If you are not fit enuf then you wont be able to repeat the same swing every time you use that driver on the tee . Or even walking 6000 km could be quite a challenge. But nowadays amateurs are done with walking. Most golf courses in Klang Valley or in most other parts in Malaysia are equipped with buggies. Lucky for me , Miri GOlf Club still remains as a walking course. A bonus point for me when playing in other non walking courses. But walking 6000km is not the only fitness factors. A number of proffessional golfers spend 2 to 3 hours in the gym , working out . Now when do I last visited the Gym ?
In 2006 I am determine to put some effort on this two factors, developing mental strength and also my fitness. Hoping this would be the key to reduce my handicapp to minimum 4 by June 2006. Maybe ....?

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