Thursday, January 26, 2006

Does Malaysian have what it takes to becomes a pro golfer...

Yes and No is the answer. But most of the time it is not simply because malaysians cannot do it but those who manages them are at fault. It is either you know them or you don't. In a conversation with a friend from KL over the phone , the number of registered golfer in this country has grown to almost 300,000 and those without proper registration to club members or any Golf playing packages you add another 300,000. Is it a good ratio to 20 million malaysian in this country.
How many school in this country has any golf development programme? Or have many boarding schools do ? Or have many universities undergrads take their time off their books to play golf?
Lucky enuf we have various development programmes at various golf clubs and some selected schools. But it only involves those kids whom parents are golfer or some of their closest relatives own a golf club or work at a golf club. And some kids who are not lucky enuf , they take up golf simply because they work as caddies at some of the walking courses in this region. A mere RM 20 for 18 holes , they get to witness various types of golfers hitting it while they carry their bags or drag their trolleys. But can you count how many golf courses in this country which does not have buggy ?
On the positive side of it , compared to 10 or 20 years ago , we do now have local dailies with some golf sections in it. We do have malaysians playing in the asian tour. We do now have Airil (in the picture while taking part in Miri Masters 2005) taking part in the Japan Tour . We do now have our very own Danny Chia who have made it to The Open last year. We do now have malaysians growing in numbers in the amateurs circuit. Yet these guys did not get the support they dearly need from us malaysians. How many of us watch them playing in the amateur or locally held MPGA tournaments ? I did , when Airil was playing in Miri. But how many took notice of him playing on the last day. Hey ! I am the only guy with the brolli who went all the way watching him make every shot on the final day.

Guess what I wish for 2006 ?
1. All golfers adopt a young boy or gal whom are not related to them and take them to the practise range.
2. All Malaysian Pro Golfer in this country gets a sponsorship , especially for their local travelling expenses.
3. All Malaysian Pro Golferin this country gets ball sponsorship or equipment sponsorship.
4. All registered amateurs are given the chance to get into top 50 amateurs and get sponsored to play in all amateur tournament in this country.
5. Schools to offer golfing hours for kids
6. Boarding school to get a chance to get adopted to nearby Golf Clubs for Junior development programmes.
7. Those undergrads to start learning about golf before they start become yuppies which will help to reduce the number of lost balls when they started to play golf when they get their jobs.
8. All caddies in this country gets to enroll in a registered organisation and they must be given benefits so that they can also grow and join any junior or senior development programmes
9. All film producers start to make films on the success stories like Danny and Airil.
10.All clubs in this country make an open day for the public to play at their clubs.
11.Sport body start channelling the sponsorship money to the young not to useless costly banners.
12. etc etc etc etc...
Can we do it Malaysians ? There you are , most of you will make their nasty cheeky smile to me and say.... dream on Jack. I havent given up my hope and will not stop dreaming either.


Malaysia Gila Golf said...

Nice article. I'm in the category of poor golfer ( no club membership ), only manage to spent maximum RM300-RM400 monthly just to perfect my swing.

Hope to see more local golf articles from you.

Golf Addix said...

thanks MGG,
its nice to hear anothe fellow golfer on the blog. Do you know there is cheaper ways to improve your swing , rather than spending RM 400 per month.
I will definitely write some tips for you very soon.
happy holidays...

dave said...

Great article and those are wonderful set of goals. I hope others read them and take them into consideration.

Golf Addix said...

thanks Dave,
I know it may sound a bit too much to ask for in this country. but on the other hand wouldn't it be nice if that were to become reality. imagine me in one of those tools trucks at each pro tournament in this country...