Tuesday, January 03, 2006

First week Jan 2006

Of those noted events :
I went to Local Petrol Station for full tank refill for my ever dependable wira and paid RM50 using their " card ". To my amazement the women at the counter did not give a receipt and when I did ask , reasons came out in the open and those behind me have started giving me the look. Still the old malaysian attitude I guess , nothing change in 2006.
I watched a football game , one of those highly rated league in the UK and saw the standard of refereeing is at its low level compared to 2005. And not to mention some local football scenes which have enlighted some public in this country to make comments. We have so many leagues and competition and a handful number of proffessional footballers , yet we have yet to win anything in the local scenes.
I was playing golf over the weekend and am still amazed at what people will do to win the bets but still do not adhere to golf rules. In other words , the scores are tampered with and not reflective of his actual scores for the day. Some golfers will never change.
Meet up with a fellow golfer who has made the trip to play 4 rounds of golf at Mission Hills. I am saving up some cash for that trip , ha ha , I might ...
More cars are on the roads these days, scenes of parents sending their kids for schools for the first time or making sure kids are actualy going to school . ada lah balik ....traffic jams !!
Year ends are approaching and humans on this earth with the same proffession are starting to punch numbers to the fullest and office works are growing in numbers.

In a way nothing really changes in 2006...

errr one more thing , the poor are still not treated with respect and the rich went all the way to the bank shouting out loud what 2006 will bring them...


PrincessRen said...

totally agree on the last note. Fact of life. BTW, since u're in Miri, do u ever go for the scuba diving? heard that the coral reefs are heaven there.

Golf Addix said...

wanted to do scuba diving. but wifey keep on balloning and busy recovering from c section. maybe next year we will make the effort to do scuba diving.

last time we had affairs with corals was in 2002 in payar , langkawi. but only limited to snorkeling only, but wifey with growing tummy 4 mth pregnant still snorkeling and me had to follow lah...