Wednesday, August 24, 2005

In memory of my favourite Adidas

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Oh my dear adidas ,someone nab it right infront of the house last was my favourite golf shoes .bought it at Dubai Duty Free on June 2003. sapa lah nak pakai kasut tu other than gi main golf. I was wondering why did anyone want to snatch that poor thing. or maybe it is a signal for me to get a new one .


Papa Bear said...

Wow. You should come over and teach me hoew to play properly. Zed said that I need to get better driver etc (i.e. tools). But I think I just need a bit of tweaking! Thanks for dropping by KWSP!

dave said...

Did you ask your wife?

Golf Addix said...

Papa Bear
I m thinking of moving back to key el very soon. chnaging job. by then ,can offer free classes for you. u dont need a new driver (yeah probably some adjustment to the swing).

act she was quite worried. if they have managed to sneak infront of the house , wonder what they will do next. esp when I am not around travelling .