Tuesday, August 16, 2005

On the 1st Nine KGM

Yusof shouted over the phone asking me to rush to the 1st tee box asap. When I did , we did teeing off with Francis and Steven. On the 1st tee , I was tempted to use the 5 iron but decided to use 6 instead. I have purposely left out wood 3 , iron 3 and 4. Well since I am carrying the bag today , those 3 items won't be of any good.

Landed right to the bunker in front of the green , used the lofted wedge and landed about 10 feet to the right of the pin. The green was in better condition than last weekend when I shoot 95 ha ha ha. The putter was not bad today considering a 10 feet putt for par and I nailed it this time.

On the 2nd tee box I was quite nervous with the 983E. Yesterday on the driving range , I did not hit a single good shot. Hit the drive a bit fade to the right beyond the hump on the 8th hole fairway. With about 165 m to the pin , took out the 6iron again and it drop short on the front of the green. Used the lofted wedge again and hit the ball pin high about 5 feet and saved par again.

On 3rd hole tee box , I was wondering what would happen to the 983e this time. Infact that feeling help in making me more focused and voila !!! a good tee shot smacked in the middle of the fairway. Took out the PW and lande pin high about 15 feet over the pin. Three putted and walked away to the 4th tee box , thinking what did I wasted that hole.

Poor tee shot on the 4th tee box but managed to get the ball in the middle of the fairway . I think I hot the drive using the left bottom sole of the driver. Lucky enuf it is still on the fairway. Again took out the 6 iron and this time , I punched the ball faded to the right of the green. Did not do justice to the wedge and double boogie the hole.

With water on left of the fairway and OB line on the right , hole 5 is not the tee box you want to be after making bogie and double bogie for the last two hole. Fortunately it went a bit fade to the right but fall short of the bunker on the right of the fairway. Used 5 iron to reach the right fringe of the green and pitch in with 9 iron before putting for par.

Hole 6 was a bit annoying . I did reach the bunker right to the green in 3 but the bunker shot don't have enuf spin on it and the ball walked thru the pin and landed on the top fringes. Happy enuf to take bogie hopin the next hole would be better.

HIt a good tee shot on the 7th hole and used 6 iron for my second shot. It flew high enuf but again dont have enuf spin on it and it bounced and flew over the pin landed about 15 feet from the top fringe. Managed a good pitch and saved par.

Hole 8 was not fun when your 3rd shot missed the green. One thing to note today is my 6 iron on the last 9th hole was a suprised gift to me. Nailing the green with 6 iron on a 170 m par 3 is not something 11 handicapper like me do everyday.

Anyway it was fun to strike the ball with Yusof again ...he he he forgot to tell about his game today...ha ha ha. veli teruk wooo...

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