Saturday, August 27, 2005

New Golfers in Malaysia in the eyes of GA

New golfers are born everyday in Malaysia.

Thus most new golfers who aged 41 to 50 are the smallest number of them all.
Why ? Cause most of them are not good enuf for the game .
Why ? Cause most of them can't stop whinning how difficult it is to make that
golf swing.
Why ? Cause they are too busy with things and can't manage time.

Golf are getting its popularity among juniors aged 3 to 18.
Why ? Mum n dad wants to emulate Earl Wood
Why ? The last World Junior Tournament is Kuching have so
many malaysians in top ten.
Why ? Junior golf programmes are in abundance at most golf clubs.
Why ? Kids dont whine ! They follow instructions and adapt fast.

Golf are also getting popularity among men n women at in the mid aged group.
Why ? Have you heard of RM800 AGN card ?
Why ? New corporate leaders are growing and they are young guns.
Why ? Dont have to beat the traffic to go home early.
Why ? Part of it Tiger Wood mania.
Why ? Golf equipments are getting cheaper.
Why ? Networking.

If you want to take up golf ;
1. Don't buy expensive equipments for your first golf set. Buy second hand.
2. Forget about blades. They are meant for golfers like me (he he he MP33)
3. Get a Pro to start with. Bad tips can make your golf game miserable.
4. Patient enuf.
5. Spend time at practise range. If you don't you will end up buying more golf balls.
6. Dont go to pratise range alone.
7. Call me for good golf tips. Free mah ....
8. Dont blame others if you cant make the grade.
9. Learn to manage time.

10. Golfers are not men from mars. If you dont manage your golfing schedule , tough !!!
11. Handicapp are measurement on how you should improve your game. not how you can
win more prizes.
12. etc etc etc....



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Eric Stone said...

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