Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Alvin takes the Lead in Junior World meet in Kuching

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With score of 72 , Alvin takes the lead at the Sarawak Junior World Masters. This would be his last tournament in the Junior catogery. I would certainly put my money on him to take the title this year. If he did, this would certainly put Miri Junior Programme something to be proud of.
Miri Golf Club and Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Resort are the only golf clubs in town. But if you are a visitor to Miri , you should pay a visit to the practise range at both clubs. Kids as young as three years old are putting on the practise green. Girls and boys hitting irons on the practise range. Parents supporting these kids stands back evidently giving a lot of moral support.

I wonder when are going to build a sports academy in Sarawak?

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