Sunday, August 14, 2005

GA suddenly got really pissed !!!

10 most ugly thing human can err:

1. Catching up with old frens only to find out they will only call u back if you do drive a merc or a beamer. Something like that...
2. Knowing all this while them politicians can take care of the environment and suddenly now they are using their wives to say it out loud to justify the tax payers money used to buy them shoes etc etc etc.
3. Golfers who only plays with you simply because you can provide him with something in return.
4. Donald Trump !!! Get real man...get a life.
5. To a retiring Prime Minister , go stay in your retiring zone.
6. To an outgoing MP , he he he , why sell cars when u can play golf.
7. A fren publicly proclaimed his vood virtues , when later I found out they are totally the opposite.
8. Golf balls are not made to fly ... are they ?
9. No weekend golf ... But had a great time in the house
10.Tiger missed my 2nd round prediction.



z_mnor said...

nevermind about the merc & beemmer, I will always be by yr side thru' bad & good times (tho' i know at times i do give you the hard times hehehe, sorry dear)

Adam said...

I love my friends who love me even though I only drive a Wira ;-)