Thursday, August 04, 2005

GA on the news

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Do you have Golf Insurance ? What is it about having golf insurance ? Some golfers do take up policies be it provided by their home club or any policies that are readily available in the market. Some don't bother. Some don't care , and some don't have any idea what golf insurance got to with a golfer.

If you travel to Labuan and visited the only golf course on the island , they will charge you RM 10 for insurance for the day. It seems a bit too much ain't it. But if you look around the golf course , and considering what will happen if your ball goes wild away from the fairway , RM 10 might be just what could save you. Good enuf they do accept golf insurance card issued for non members.

Some clubs do not bother to ask. Why ? Just maybe the course is too far away from public dwellings or public roads. Or just maybe they have not encounter any mishaps or they don't allow golfers without proper handicapp card or introductory card. Or some do charges insurance day charges and it could be too small these golfers don't bother to check the bills when they are eagerly waiting next to their buggy waiting to speed off to the first tee box.

Honestly , if you don't have one , go and pick up a policy. You never know what will hit you....


tita said...

never have i met someone as crazy about golf as you are.. haha.. thanks for the words of encouragements anyway

dave said...

Considering how the judge ruled a week or two ago this is sound advice.