Thursday, August 18, 2005

n they say Golf is a waste of time

I have come across a bunch of men today who claims golf is a game men waste their time. I have to say yes and no to that. But these are claims made by those who are most of them (sorry to say this out loud) just dont have the aura to play golf.
If you can't make the grade , ie can't make the swing , why do you have to accuse golf as wasting time. If you cant make frens and make more frens by playing golf , you dont go around accusing golfers as human being who do not know how to spend free time.
Some claims , you will have no time for your family. Are you kidding me ? Who are you fooling ? Golf is now a family game. Have you been to any golf course in the country. Kids are now exposed to golf like no one ever did before. Families are spending quality time at the golf clubs with their kids.
Some parents even come to admit , they rather see their kids taking up golf . So you spend more time at home. What do you with your kids. If you are home , but your kids are in their rooms palying vidoe games and you are infront of the tv sets watching CSI repeats or other programmes....ellloooo who are you kidding?

Malaysians who dont play golf ! Wake up and dont blame the game for not being able to spend time with your family. There is this thing they named TIME bloody MANAGEMENT. If you cant manage your time , stop blaming others. If you dont like golf , dont use excuses like not enuf time. If you find it hard to take up golf , maybe its time for you to talk to a golfer or take up lessons from the PRO. Until then .... Go Tiger...

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dave said...

Really good post!!!!.... I doubt that THEY will read it but I feel better now and I am sure you do.