Monday, August 01, 2005

Some words for the non golfer

I used to have a negative thought about golf. But after ten years playing golf , with handicapp 11 and going better , the game is not that bad after all. Now I am amazed at what non golfers says about we golfers.

Some says , its a waste of quality family time. To be honest , I have a very supportive wife who knows how I managed office hours , golf hours and quality family hours. If you can't manage your time , so be it , dont blame golf for long hours on the golf course.

If you can't beat the skilled golfers dont start with statements like " Ohhh I am only playing recreational golf and only for fun". Hey these are the same guys who are swearing , yelling and screaming out loud on the golf course when they play their worst round of golf.

I hate those who have only recently played golf , trying to make public comments about how the game should be played. And he is the type who shy away from the skilled golfers at the driving range. At the same time , trying very hard to hit balls on the carpet , sweating like a big fat buffalo trying to move a big tank. catch ma drift....

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