Monday, November 07, 2005

2005 the year that was...

I did not made it to the team. ( sigh , again for the same reason ). For a reason after another , I have decided to let it go. Not that I have ill feelings to a number of personalities . For me a leader should walk the talk. If you brag about leadership and developing talents and leaders among those within your supervised groups , then doing things that are against it is totaly unforgiven. Yes I don't like that character or that person in question and there is no two way about it.

Then out of the blue I make the biggest mistake of all , making a nasty remarks to another fellow golfer. Well some may have argued it is for the right reason but not the right way to do it. Funny enuf an event which happened outside the office was being higlighted to a group of people in the office . For what purpose ? Bull !!!.

But one thing for sure , the following are the achievements throughout the year:
1. Corporate game for that organisation , win the cup for the second year in a row.
2. Play badly in Labuan.
3. I won Lyder title.
4. I hit top five in Muhibbah stint.
5. EArn fourth prize when Chris left.
6. Qualify for the Open.
7. Handicapp reduced to 11 ( target 12 )
8. Regrip the MP33 and the vokey wedges.
9. Regrip the Titliest 983e
10.Played in the Miri Masters with a pro.
11.Make 80 gross.
12.Played a number of rounds outside miri. the old Ping Pal 4 putter
14.STarts golf addix blogging.
15.Acquired Mid 4 Taylor Made rescue.
16. etc etc etc

I did not make the cut for the Champions Trophy which will be held on 26th and 27th November. Plus I will be in Columbia Asia attending my dearest , near her bedside and looking after our new born to be baby. Well , this the the second time I have to make way for a golf tournament but this time , it will be much easier simply because I did not qualify for it anyway.
But on the other hand , I might grab the last spot for the champions trophy if I can play below 80 , in next weekend November monthly medal. It would be something aint it? The new grip are performing as expected. A few tuning on the back swing have proven to be very promising. And it took a young caddie to sort it out for me. I am thankful to the young man anyway. I am now making a slow upward backswing and able to coil at the top of my swing by forcing minimum movement on my lower body especially the right hip.
Looking back on the game last sunday , Ayub has been quite a golfer. All this time when I am in miri , I can safely make a point about him , a true gentlemen and a true golfer. He might not have the best swing in this earth. But he does somewhat make it up with this attitude and his friendship. Probably I can safely regards him as my elder brother in golf. He can be funny or serious about things and yet , he will never make anyone feel bitter or bad about his conduct. Of which I have not been able to adopt lately. he he he .

Tiger , u are hopeless but yet a true money maker.
Vijay , not bad huh....
Phil .... where are uuuuuu...
Retief ? what happen to that putt.
Ernie. errrrrrr keep smiling bro.
Sergio is growing up.
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