Wednesday, November 09, 2005

another 9 holes

Ayub putting for his ddreadful 6 at hole 4. OB the tee shot and me hitting par.

Abg Aji Ken at tee box 9th. See the right leg. Almost perfect except for the back swing and the way the back swing finish at the top.

Hole 8th , hitting 3 on the green and first birdie after long ramadhan.

Another finish by Aji Din at tee box 9th. Quite a unique swing but still favourable result. Almost comparable to Jim Furyk but you might as well knew well , Jim made it but Aji .... still thinking about it though.
The three amigos walking off the tee from tee box 8th. Interesting crowd to blend in. Among the hard core locals in the game. All three spent their raya in Kuching and I had to endure listening to their raya adventure on traffic woes in Kuching.

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