Sunday, November 20, 2005

GA on golf season 2005

Golf players for the season ?

I would pick Jack Nicklaus , Tiger , Anika and Wie. Jack for his grand exit at The Open at St Andrews , Tiger for taking another two Grand Slam title this year , Anika for her consistency and more trophies this year and Wie for his magical blunder on her first pro outing. In Asia , I would have to pick our very own Danny Chia who has put up some good show this year. By making the cut to The Open is already a history created for Malaysian Golf . For non golf enthusiast , this might not be of any important but believe me , it is something that Danny will never take off from his memory bank.

Tournament of the year ?

I have to pick The Open for its variety in outcomes and headlines.

Which clubs would you pick as the best equipment ?

Driver , it has be the ever best in the market Titliest 983 series. The rest are drivers which are forgiving and more bought on the market simply because they can’t give Titliest enough time to prove its worth. But recently I have switch to Nano 2 Maruman Exim 10 degrees driver for personal reasons . Irons , like it or not Mizuno has produced irons of the decade. Its MP32 and MP33 series has done enough to impress me .
Wedges , is there any other than Titliest Vokey designs ???
Putter , if you have money , you wont need to look on further. For me PIng Pal 4 has been the best putter I have used so far. The two ball butter did not stay long with me.

Things that gives you troubles on the course ?

Slow golfers. Not because he took so many shots , but taking longer time to make a single shot. Pathetic golfers. Those who can’t make the shot but mumbles around and makes noises but do not put effort to practice at the practice range or even consult a teaching pro to make golf more enjoyable. Golfers with non comforming wives or girlfriends. In other words the other half usually nags to them golfers whenever they depart for a golf game or when them golfers are in a game of golf.

2006 Season , predictions ?

Wie is going to have some minor adjustment on her touring exposures. Then she will get positive remarks on her winning some titles. Anika will remain as LPGA most decorated golfer and winning the Grand Slam. Tiger will have to sort out some of his 2nd place finishing blues. Phil will remain quiet. Some young golfers will make new headlines. Drivers with non confirming rules will have some remarks to be published. New golf courses with lengthy designs. Grand Slam in the PGA …. maybe ?

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dave said...

I agree with your selection for players of the year. These have all been big standouts this year. I am not so sure I agree with your selevtion of the driver.