Thursday, November 10, 2005

why wear Titan "Minus Ion" wrist bands

Titan Minus Ion Wrist Bands

Titan "Minus Ion" wrist bands, as seen on the PGA tour, the LPGA tour, the Champions tour and the Nationwide tour, are made of specially processed soft silicone rubber, titanium, tourmaline and ceramic.
About Minus Ion (Negative Ion) Technology
Our body generates Positive Ions as we absorb Negative Ions (Minus Ions) into our system; this gives us balance. In Japan they have concluded that electricity, machinery, and human beings all compete for Minus Ions. It is believed that a low level of Minus Ion intake can cause an inbalance and may be the reason that some people have stress, nervousness and
discomfort. The compostion of our Minus Ion Products attract Minus Ions to your
Depending on your ionic balance, they may offer you relief. We are all different. Minus Ion technology is not medicine (like aspirin), but could be compared more to vitamins. Minus Ions are sometimes referred to as the "Vitamins of the Air."

Now, benefit from Titanium "Minus Ions" and its' inherent ion balancing power! In a soft, comfortable, pain-easing wrist band that really works!
Here's what it can do for you:
? Ease wrist, hand, back and shoulder pain
? Restore important ion balance
? Warm cold hands and feet
? Improve concentration and focus
? Help recovery from sports fatigue

They are comfortable to wear and can be worn all of the time. They are unlike any other "minus ion" product manufactured in the world. How do the wrist bands and bracelets work and what do they do? Titan wrist bands and bracelets make use of the negative charge and ionization characteristics of specially processed Silicone Rubber, Titanium and Tourmaline. These characteristics attract negative ions to your body . Once you wear our soft "Titan" ion wrist bands or Ring Bracelets the semi-permanent power of the negative ions can help regulate the ion balance within your body and refresh you inside and out.

People have worn these Wrist Bands or Bracelets and have experienced the soothing qualities. One of the advantages is that they can be worn practically all of the time. When you are working on your computer, playing sports or working out. You don't have to take them off!
Should I wear more than one?
Wearing more wrist bands may increase the soothing effect. For example, would you take more Vitamin C then your body requires? Some people prefer 2 or 3, others prefer just 1. The key is to have an ionic balance. The wrist bands act like a conduit to attract the negative ions and help bring negative ions to your body. How we react from it is different for everyone.
How long do they last?
You can use them until they break, wear, fade or you lose it. It's as simple as that. They do not lose their ability to attract negative ions. Sometimes, howevver, if you get too much absorbtion (Sweat), that can cause them to lower their "charge". If you take them off for about twenty
minutes, they will "recharge".
Is their any medical evidence?
This is not medicine but a way to attract and generate more negative ions to your body which can help balance out the positive ions our body already has. There are however, extensive studies on the importance of negative ions. You can find some of this information in the "About Minus Ion" section of our website.
If I wear it on my wrist, how can it help my back?
The reason why they can help your back is because when your hands are at your sides, you are attracting negative ions to your lower back. The necklaces can help the upper back, neck and shoulders.
What size should I wear?
Available in two sizes, Medium & Large. Medium (Inside Diameter: 6 1/2") is preferred by Women, Large (Inside Diameter: 7 1/4") is preferred by Men.

If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!


Adam said...

Does that really work?
I once came across a sales girl in a mall trying to sell me the stuff and I dismissed it one of those junk stuff used to fool people.

Golf Addix said...

IF those were the one to promote cancer or KFC , yes those are nothing but somthing to tell the whole world that u contribute for cancer charities or belong to a kfc fanclub.
the real titan minus ion wraistbands are for real .... see my handicapp now 11 oledi and tee off now so much distance plus hitting irons green on regulation quite frequent ...

Zed said...

just played saujana impian yesterday, first game after raya... it was horrible! just 2 pars (itupun par 3's) and shot 101! so planning to play a lot more to get the game in shape the next few days heh heh today at sg long and sunday at hyatt saujana.

how about some tips on the game bro?

maybe on how to improve short game and also iron shots. these two seems to be my problem now.

driving and woods not too bad.

Acat said...

haha waa how much commission u get for this free add hehe.

Golf Addix said...

nothing. but I guess info like that is good to be shared. if it is stored somewhere in my harddisk it won't be of any good right. same like knowledge what...