Saturday, November 19, 2005

GA outstation trip

It was a tiring adventure. ERL not in service due to flood. Can't meet with Zed , coz suddenly the boss need some extra time discussing about work. Panic at KL Sentral with no taxi turning up for a simple trip to KLIA. Traffic woes at KL on a friday evening , ha ha ha, the usual stuff. Some fan club quoting something in the press , somehow I felt it was a quick way to get some attention . Of which in the first place I was amazed at some how malaysians treat someone supposedly very talented.
Talk about talent. I have some reservations about quality of malaysian artist (not all) of which the main reasons why I did not buy local artist CD. Until one day I was walking at the concourse level at KLCC, a song sang by one of the new talents search programme suddenly gives me goose bump. It was vocal quality which makes me turned around and wanted to pursue who is the face with that vocal. Thats is quality as I said to myself walking towards the crowds at the centre of the concourse level. It was Jac , and gosh , at last what a beautiful vocal to spur the local music industry to another level.
Back to KLIA rush , reach the airport on time. Asked for a seat for me and mum close to each other. Let me say this out loud, that person who seats behind the counter should be one of those who should be fired. "Sir , your flight is fully booked and we can't allocate seats to you and mum together". OK . fine. But not until when I board the plane and later found out that at least more than 15 seats are empty and no one is sitting next to my mum. Car**i*e , you are caught for being the worst crew behind the counter at KLIA for 2005 awards.


PrincessRen said...

gosh.. just imagine if it's the tourist? they'll definitely give bad reviews to our services. yeah, Jac is a gem and a blessing for our music industry. in fact, she just won something internationally, i don't remember what it is but it was 1 of those prestigious awards in Asia. So proud of the girl. :D

izyz said...

I suppose you were flying MAS as Air Asia don't have numbered seatings.

That's why I fly Air Asia nowadays. It's more efficient. You don't have to wait long at the counter unlike MAS. And yes, they're cheaper too.