Sunday, November 13, 2005

96 and 92 , I might as well quit golf now...

Yes it was the worst score of the year and I am not proud of it . At one minute I was hitting the par 5 on regulation and missing birdie putts and on other occassion , I was desperately hitting 6 to reach a par 4 hole.

This must be the worst weekend to sum up 2005 season. Maybe at the same time , I was not supposed to make any drastic changes to my grip and back swing , which I did right after the month of ramadhan.

But , not feeling too bad at it. Simply because I am now able to hitt the ball on higher trajectory esp the approcahing irons and hitting the hard green without too much bouncing effect. This time , I can play the ball high and had it stop right after its first bounce and usually it stop about 1 feet from the landing spot.

Next weekend will be busy attending my mother in law visiting us in Miri. And the weekend after that , I will be busy attending my dearest Zalita at Columbia Asia Hospital in Miri.

Tiger seems to be losing the fuel to make the kill on the final day and he lost to David Howell for the title. I must congratulate England for winning against Australia 26 - 16 at Twinkenham. I did not watch the England vs Argentina game , but happy for Owen who scores twice to win 3 - 2 against the world 2nd ranking team.

Until then , if you have not participate in any active sports , might as well bring along that pc to your bed...he he just kidding.

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