Monday, November 28, 2005

GA weekend 25th Nov 2005

Ten reasons why GA is smilling over the weekend:

1. Alia is safe and sound .
2. Also wifey dearest recovered well from the op.
3. Liverpool won ! Again !!!
4. EPL start to show actual results ie Wigan and Wigan will do that again.
5. Hani and Shasha accepting their new lil sis very well.
6. I am back in my cooking mood again ...
7. House get cleaned up plus we have someone clening outside the house as well.
8. Loose piping in the bathroom get sorted out.No more loose joints and leaks.
9. Alia sleeping well in the house , first 10 hours.
10.My midnite craze of Alia , Shasha and Hani screaming isw officially started last nite.



senorita said...

congratulations on the newcomer. i like her name ;)

PrincessRen said...

yeah wigan is losing and will lose a lot more i hope. so i'm not worried that liverpool is playing against them this weekend. after sunderland and wigan, we'll gain 6 more points which is good. erk.. against Chelsea in CL? tolong lah menang or i hang myself. haha

Adam said...

Congrats again. Alia looks so cute.

Chosen said...

congrats on the new addition...