Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Tee box no 2 and Green Hole 8th , KGM

On the left is the Tee Box for hole no 2. Yes those two trees and the fairway in between them can be very hazardous to your tee shot. Hole no 1 is a par 3 , and soon after that you will have to make a good shot right in between those trees on left and right of the fairway. Most golfers will opt to hit it hard and make a left right turn and end up on the Fairway hole no 8th.
Those golfers on the 8th green , can be influenced by those teeing off from Tee box no 2. Depend on the crowd. Most golfers will make minimum movement at the tee box especially when golfers are on the 8th green.

Nice panoramic view huh !!! Learn new tools everyday... Posted by Picasa

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