Friday, November 11, 2005

Short game tools for Zed @ MiNdblog

There are a number of ways to improve your short game , but keep sticking to the basic tools will also helps you to lower your scores. If your have no problems with the driver or the fairway woods , then try the following:

Short game 50m - 100m to the pin.
  1. Lean on your left leg.
  2. Slower and shorten backswing but consistent and follow it through to the top and stay there.
  3. Make sure your backswing is parallel to the target not going beyond your legs. Usually when amateur golfers execute their backswing , the tendencies is that you will swing it more than you turn your shoulder.
  4. Right leg , keep it there , don't move an inch.
  5. When you bring your iron towards the ball , keep your eyes on the ball not the ground behind the ball.
  6. If you go the range , practise more on the grass , not the turf. The feel is not the same. Thus practising more on the grass will make it more easier to remember.
Shorter game less than 50 m to the pin , high loft attack esp when the green is higher than where your balls lies:

  1. Of course higher wedges are to be used , 60 degrees or 58 degrees is a must buy to play this shot.
  2. Ball is place on your right leg.
  3. Shorter backswing , moderate downswing and follow it thru up to the top , not behind your shoulders.
Shorter game less than 50 m to the pin , lower loft attack esp when the green is flat or level to where the ball lies:
  1. It varies with the distance .
  2. Much shorter backswing but controlled downswing with follow through just like when you use a putter.
  3. Imagine from 50m , you are using a 7 iron with a putting stroke.
  4. Then move down 8 iron at 40m , 9 iron at 30m , PW at 20m.
  5. Even shorter putting stroke if you decide to use 8 iron at 10m , but it will more roll effect on the ball.

Try those on the practise green. It always boils down to how you control your backswing and follow through your downswing. The truth is I do controll the distance for my short game by estimating the distance for each irons , in three main speed for my backswing. Full backswing which is now not more than my right shoulder height , half swing and putting stoke swing.

Good luck Zed.


Zed said...

thanks jack! am gonna spend some time by the driving range esok to sharpen my putter. today at sg long putting wasn't too bad but still having some issues with the irons. i think i am over swinging, so am gonna take easy swings and go one iron up... hyatt saujana on sunday pagi, playing Cobra course... hmmm jadi ayam lah nampak nya!

Maverick SM said...

You must be an ardent golfer. I don't play golf. But maybe, I can learn a tip or two from this site. Nice blog.

Golf Addix said...


hyatt saujana on sunday morning, good luck my fren. if you can send me some photos , I am going to make some review on that course. kalau tak shilap I did played there in 2004 and score 72 gross ( but partnership , best gross ). We managed to get on the par 5 in two but making three putt each and cannot get darn birdies. have fun on the green ! and remember ! get a saujana caddy for u to read the line, make a point of asking where the caddie actually works. coz sumtime on weekends , they bring in caddies from other golf courses esp kalau ada tournament. only saujana caddies can read saujana greens...

maverick sm
thanks for visiting. I am trying to get more malaysians to play golf. The game still has some negative perception tagged to it esp by those who don't know the game. We are focusing too much on developing the young ones , but we did not make the parents to join the fun. Then baru bapak borek anak rintik !!!