Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Amateurs ...

The main reason why sports in Malaysia is not consistently comparable to other countries in this region is simply due to the ethnic background and perception. The biggest culprit is negative perception. Imagine why we have not been doing well in games like snooker , golf or any sports which are not football , hockey or other mainstream sports in this country.
Parents are namely the only hope sports can grow in this country. Evidently squash , bowling and golf have more youths playing the game compared to 10 or 15 years ago. Parents are now spending time with their kids at bowling alley , golf courses and squash courts to give invaluable support for their children mental development in the sports they played. But do we go and watch our sons playing football or hockey ? Most of us don't and we took things for granted. Think about it !!!


agus said...

yah, i was hoping my dad would come to one of my inter school hockey tournament when i was in sixth grade. Once in a while i would stop during the match, look around the field to get a glimpse of him among the spectators. Being a hockey coach in teacher's training college, i half hoped he would come. He didn't and I wasn't that disapointed coz I thought he must have something urgent to attend to. It would be nice and uplifting to have seen him there though.

PrincessRen said...

it's all from parents. i do agree. i think most malaysians involvement in sport starts from when they involve in such activities at school or playing with neighbours. it's very rare that parents play with their children. let alone whether they see if their children excel in sports or not. they just could not give a damn about that thing. i think generally, Malaysians mindset is that sports do not bring in money or success in life. so more emphasize on education. but i think parents begin to see the important of sports in children's development. hopefully, someday we will have Malaysia in the World Cup or a Malaysian winning USD 1 mil in an international tennis match. but we already have 1 that we can be proud of.. our queen of squash. nicole david.

btw, u bawa ker ur childern to golf course? sajer jer tanya. :D

Anonymous said...


Its so ironic that I'd very much prefer my parents not to watch/support me when I had any sports competition..So used to them being bz at work and all,and if they could come and watch me also..I get nervous giler...

But now..lagi la weird..Dad n daughter spending more time for happy hours and play pool(and have him support me and beat the hell out of his friends in the game)... Sometimes feel suffocated also,the hanging out with each other part.Assuming it's to make up for missing all my sports xtvts. la kan?.But I'd rather think I'm his excuse to go out la tu...Sigh..

Golf Addix said...

yes I would love to have that feeling having dad to watch me playing hockey when I was at boarding school but him being a rubber tapper , he can't afford to travel all the way to seremban to do that. but when I went home for holidays he always talk about it with me when we clean up the tophies that I have won.

I have not bring my little hanie to driving range simply becoz afraid she would run around the driving range and make other golfers nervous about it. but at home , when i practise my swing and my putting , she will stand infront of me with her plastic golf set and start to imitate my golf swing. dunno whether that is interest or merely copying her dad action. soon enuf when she turns 4 which is very soon I will bring her along to the driving range.

cant help you with that one though, but I do envy you going out and spending time with your dad , which I seldom have the chance to do it.