Tuesday, September 13, 2005

GA back from KK

The trip to KK was quite a successfull one. Ample time spent with a fren looking up for tips to buy new golf sets. Spent also some time giving some golf tips to a fren who recently decided golf is something new he needs to indulge in. Not too late though.

At the airport , I was quite amazed looking at malaysians waiting to board the plane. The crowd was so eager to rush to the gate upon hearing an announcement about the flight. It was an announcement to inform passengers that the flight was delayed for 20 minutes and these crowd are already lining up infront of the gate.

Me and Madi was laghing at the crowd instantly. They can be such a stupid crowd. I was wondering why malaysians or non malaysians are so eager to enter the plane and at the same time cant wait for the seatbelt sign is switched off to ruch up from their seats. Some even cant wait to open the overhead compartment and start to lower down their luggages.

At times when I travel to play golf , one golden rule used when travelling. All equipments and luggages are checked in. Travel very light inside the plane. Last in and last out. Take the oppurtunity to greet the nice smiley stewardess , at least it lessen the stress of travelling , n nothing more than that. Bring a book cause if the person next to you are clumsy type or the silent type , then u can move on reading.

Last but not least the crowd in the plane nowdays are too bias for men passengers. The other sex are giving the look when a men sits next to them. Hellooooo , we dont ask to be seated next to you. The minute they sat on their seats , some even sliding to the other side as if we men are going to mauled upon any women who seats next to us. Whatever...as you wish.

now I hate travelling esp on the belon...

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