Thursday, September 15, 2005

GA on this week activities

Adam Scot won the Singapore Open , which I thought was quite impressive. Even better watching him playing alongside Asian fellow pros. He came to the tournament with high world ranking and positively won the title.

Solheim Cup was a bit of let down for the Europeans. At times I was wondering with the rising stars from the USA team , the Europeans has a lot to look at in the years to come. The USA soon will have better players like M Wie to join the team and the rest in the junior level are coming up at a very fast rate.

GA have gone thru some major changes to his grip. After a bad round on saturday last week , GA decided to put some extra hours at the Eastwood Practise range. Joseph Mawan was kind enuf to observe and soon enuf to highlight some faults on GA swing and grip. Soon after that GA has finally found its long gone swing and felt that GA will be ready for next week KGM Amateur Open.

Also starting next week , GA will open some basic golf clinic at some organisation pitch and putt fairway in Miri. GA will aim to attract some 20 odd new golfers in that organisation and build up the new golfers community. Some Senior Managers have shown some consent and appreciation and would love to join.


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