Monday, September 19, 2005

GA on September 2005

Miri Golf Club , Amateur Open 2005. GA met hias target this year to qualify for the tournament. Now it is up to GA to make preparations and to reach final 40 if possible. That would certainly amend for not showing up (or rather not invited ) for the MPGC at Saujana this year. GA was about to be given a slot , but since he dearly wanted his old partner to be with him , GA waive the slot , not knowing , the other has been given the slot and bla bla bla....

Rather disturbed with the way some international news gator giving some air time to review some president remarks over women. Hey ! dont you guys had enuf. What is the fuss about remarks. If we live in the world of taking notes of what other people talked about us , gods willing , you will turn out to be just like what other perceived you.

Malaysians always make remarks that other nations at times look at us with no respect. Hey ! do you realise that (although I am a malaysian , I have to admit this) we usually dont have enuf respect for our own people in the first place. If we check in into hotels , who gets first class treatment ? Who gets the room first ? If we were asked for assistance at the airport , do you think being malaysian will help.

But dont take me wrong. Most of the time we do have some level of respect for one another. If not , how come different races can live in one country with minimum confrontation about one another.

My honest gratitudes for all malaysians who have worked hard fighting independence for the country and those who lives on to maintain it. If not I wont be able to write about golf or even playing golf...thank you Malaysia


toughcookie said...

Hmmm... so... you are a golf junkie, an avid blogger, loves wifey, can talk bull and can even discuss on serious topics like oil price hike and the love for the country. Never really met an all well-rounded golfer ;)

Thanks for dropping by, dude. And keep up the good work.

Golf Addix said...

tc, thanks for the compliments..