Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We are good at spoiling talents

There are a bunch of talents out there in the Malaysian public. Do you know that the number of kids now playing golf exceed the number of golfers from the age of 30 to 60. Or am I just trying to make fun of you.
But on the other hand , do you how many promising junior out there in this country ? I don't think so and I am pretty sure none of us care about them. Hang on a minute ! I thought there are some junior programmes at golf clubs and also at some government sports agencies. Sure there is , but how many knew about it .
In this country the game is still depending on how much money does your parents earned or where do you lived. If you are from a low income group parents , most likely you are introduced to the game simply because you lived close to a golf course or do some part time caddie job. But if you are from prominent middle income group or happened to have parents to work at golf clubs or some sports agencies , you are among the targetted group for such golf developments. Is that right or is it ?
So is that how we want to make this game grow in this country ? Most of us Malaysians have this perception about the game, it is boring , waste of time and non challenging i.e. non physical game. We are so called good in football with premier league and some major tournaments in the calendar , and yet the national team have yet to prove its worth.
My daugther will definitely be exposed to golf at her early age. She will be one of those in the junior programmes and I do hope she will grow up to be one of those professional golfers in 20 years to come.
Do all golfers at my age have the same vision ? Some will not , simply because the game itself don't get recognise at home. Why ? Spouses are not happy with their husband making extra time at golf games than home. Maybe ?
Kids are exposed to various types of sports in this country when they are at school or some even continue with their favourite sports at tertiary education level. Most of them stop with sports the minute they enter universities. Why is that happening ? Sports in this country are mostly represented not by the athletes , but the group that manages them. Sports at some schools are owned by certain group of elite teachers. Sports are states are mostly being look after by a group of politicians. Sports at organisations are mostly ruled by certain personalities who knows how to rub shoulders with top management. Sports at even world level are govern by those who have the money to run it. Or even sports in this country are managed by a bunch of politicians who suddenly after winning a poll of popularity turns out to be an expert in managing sports ?
Why some have made it to the top in this country ? Frankly for those who have succeeded , it is simply because when the above is not applicable.

Who am I kidding ?


AdieJin said...

The dangers of expecting too much for your kid is many. Let her develop her own interest, and guide her to be good in whatever she decides to do. It it is golf, so be it but don't force it on her..

Golf Addix said...

the thing is Adie, me did not force her to do it. but when I did practise my swing at home , she is seen swinging her plastic golf clubs. and she always makes a point to choose her own balls (golf balls) from my golf bag. all the golf ball boxes are her favourite collection to play with. and she claps when she saw pro golfers make a putt on the tv. etc etc etc . me dont force her one.

dave said...

This can be pretty much the same all over. We do have a great junior program here during the summer. They play 4, 9 or 18 holes depending on the skill level. Most of the courses in the area let them hold one or two sessions each summer.