Friday, September 02, 2005

GA 42

At last a better 42 for front 9.
1st-par (sandie par)
2nd-bogie (stupid short putt)
3rd-bogie (top second shot with 8 iron)
4th-par (regulation on)
5th-bogie (stupid short putt)
6th-bogie (three putt?)
7th-double bogie (4 on-where is the green ?)
8th-par (4wood, 5iron, 8 iron , 2 putt)
9th-par (6 iron,wedge and a short putt in the dark)

Foursome - other 3 from local water board.
New Shoes ... Footjoy !!!

Thought of the day - Management should smile more ? Wishfull thinking ehhh.
Food of the day - ABC
Colour for the day - blue
Ball for the week - Callaway Blue Big Bertha (not lost after 27 holes)
Best shot - Driver is working quite well this week.
Partner of the week - Ayub Anuar ( a gentlemen and a scholar )
Boss of the week - Sharil , welcome to Miri
Course of the week - where else , Eastwood Valley
Player of the week - Faxon , Howell. Luke will win it at Omega


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