Wednesday, September 28, 2005

GA dislikes

I don't like those who carry golf bag with the top side pointing downwards. If you don't know how to use golfbag might as well don't do golf.

Slow golfers with no consideration for others. I have shouted , yell and cursed at a slow golfer before and people use it as a reason to make me look like a fool at the office. Nice try but not good enuf. Next time I will shout louder and more cursing is on the way...he he he.

When the swing is not synchronised with body turn....ballllllll right.

A practise putt that went wrong...

Caddie who walks on when someone is on the tee .

Rita and katrina

Golfers who don't owned up to their losing bets

Playing night golf , ball went dead center in the fairway but went awol...

Meetings at 4 pm.

Typing this , when I should be on the greener pastures.....

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