Tuesday, September 20, 2005

GA on the world around him today...

GA goes to work as usual today hoping to make things a bit better at work and the jovial faces around him. Things got on well , but on some instances can't figure out why some human being loves to play with email to spread news and sending reminders not thinking what those things can do to others.
Well I did respond in a manner which I dont think most agree , but hey , that is just me . I cant take fancy words. I dont like to make things looks good simply because they could lead to something else. I hate people who loves to find my faults. I love those people who works with me especially Stephen , Pilu and Ramli.

Played 9 hole today with Alex, Hj Alias and Dr Charles. And was honoured to witness Dr Charles hitting hole in one at hole no 12 (photo above). We were not sure it was hole in one and did asked golfers ahead of us to check. Lo and behold , with delayed telecast , Dr Charles is confirmed hitting hole in one using his trusted 6 iron. Alex also hit hole in one but in the bigger hole that is the big pond infront of the green.

Was sitting nicely infront of the tele , switching channels and stop at one of the most watched channels in this country. Cant figure out why people have to go on tv to find love and they have to record certain events to potray positive things about being sensitive to the poor etc. Hey ! u want to be sensitive , start adopting those kids who dont have parents on the first place.

Before I forget , to Adibah Nor , your song on that little gal is so beautiful and my only wish you get all recognition from this life and hereafter.

Do I need to go with these comments....errr dont think so. nite ti nite, where ever you may tee off...

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