Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday blues

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It was actually raining from early morning. Did not plan to play today.Work at the office was a bit tight. A lot has to be done to catch up with the guys and gals in KL. Some of the guys in the office were rambling and quite shock with the number of staff that was awarded with brilliant evaluation for their performances. I was not complaining nor I have time for it. So what , these guys are good with dealing with their boses , what can I do about it. Don't expect me to follow suit ,coz me GA got my own style dealing with people. Maybe no one likes it now , but who knows I might be somebody in the future and then , only then they will start to say something nice about my work.

Anyway , shoot off from the office on time , as usual. Upon reaching the first tee box , I saw Azam waiving at me with his three fingers on the air signalling 3 balls and I think asking me to join to complete the foursome . Without hesitation , swinging my precious wira aeroback thru the curves and parked behind the first tee box. I did a bit rushing with changing shirt , wearing the shoes and taking the golf bag out of the car and hey I did not bring along my trolley. Guess what ,no caddies , coz most of them have finished walking off with visitors from Kudat Golf Club. Sorry forgotr to mention Kelab Golf Miri is having a interclub tournament with Kudat Golf Club and me handicapp 12 was not invited . Lucky me huh !!!. whatever...

Poor start with triple bogie on 1st hole ( and you called yourself handicapp 12 , hellloooooooo!!!!!). Then bogie the 2nd hole. Now then I was thinking at the 3rd hole tee box , are you sure you want to play golf today. And the drive from the 3rd holes answer the question. With consecutive par for the next three par 4 holes , I was walking high again. Mind you at this juncture I am begining to feel the weight of my own golf bag. Then the concentration went away at tee box hole no 6. There you are another triple bogie at par 5 hole 6. Not happy with myself I began to put my mind to the golf thing and followed with another 2 par for the next two hole . Hole 9 was a bit funny. Hitthe shot with 6 iron on a par three 183 yards with a solid shot and hit the green. Hellooooo three putt after a good shot is not something I like to brag about.

Not a bad day though considering I was not playing well the other day.Saturday will be off without golf . Maybe will be at the driving range , practising . There will be guys from titliest doing some demo at the driving range from 4 pm to 7 pm. If any of you are around the area , do come along and lets whack those balls with titliest clubs. catch yer later dude...

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