Friday, July 01, 2005

Golfer on the mat

I have recently undergoing the most trying time in my golfing years. The swing is aint there. Sunddenly after a trip to the driving range has enligthened some of the mystery.
Pick up the PW and put everything in perspective. I have come to learn that , I have been using a drag shot rather than follow through shot. On the backswing , the grip went all the way to the back and too fast.
The downswing was too relaxed and no punch in it. The shaft fixed on the blade requires a bit of speed for a swift execution. Then it is the grip and the ball position. The grip was ok at times but the end product was fade shot.
Adjusting the grip a bit to the left of the ball solves some of the problem. Slow upswing and more upright rather than beyong the shoulders and strong downswing with followthru made all the difference.
Hey ! I feel good now about making more trips to the driving range. And it feels good.


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