Sunday, July 31, 2005

Golf Addix - In depth views...

Recently Astakabguhih from Planet Kunotuih landed on earth to cover on a story about a Golf Addix who one captured the Kunotuih Open Championship last year defeating thousands of Kunotuih golfers. Parts of the story covers below :

Astakabguhih : Do you a personal mentor in golf or do you adapt any golf guru techniques?

GA: Not a single golf mentor , but with a single attitude. Hitting the golf balls on the range with another golfer who are able to looks at swing faults . Usually dont spent too much time on trying to play as much as possible. In the early days used to look at David Leadbetter videos to learn tips and drills on how to improve your golf swing. But then again since I can't bring the video player to the practise range .... watch at home and to remember those clips at practise range ... are you kidding me ?

Astakabguhih : In your planet , is there a future in golf ?

GA : Yes. Golfers are now earning millions compared to mere thousand in the old days. But on the other hand , there will be problems. People always argues inflations rate in the purchasing power for good and services. But why raised money prices ? This actually contributes to the falling world economy. Look at Tiger , and how much money does he earn this year. Too much I guess. There will no future in golf in this planet earth. People will have to make another Tiger in the next decade or two. Or three.

Astakabguhih : Ok , I am heading back to my Planet now , but I will come back very soon to talk to you . Anyway , could you tell me where I can park my gigantic spaceship on next visit . I think I have burned your house down during my landing yesterday.

GA : errrr...

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