Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It's a lovely day and its wednesday

Its a lovely day today !
I work all day and have no regret about it.
Did not have the time to play golf or to the
driving range but yet no regrets about it.

Its a productive day today.
I love and loving every single minute of it.
Those mizuno blades in the bag must be wondering
what really happened today.

It is a beautiful wednesday.
I learn life can be very lively.
I learn golf is becoming more lnteresting as ever.
I learn I have friends to lean on to.

Oh what a good wednesday.
I woke up and suddenly I love wednesday morning.
Looking around and smile at those loved ones still in their bed
Looking around and thankful I still have them

I wish everyone in the world would have a beautiful wednesday.


1 comment:

kerfy said...

you remind me of something my dad said. "For a golfer, there're two kinds of weather - good weather, and better weather."