Monday, July 18, 2005

10 most gentlemen Golfer I have met ! so far....

1. Abg Usop - Handicapp 7

He is somewhat the most loud golfer I have yet seen in this part of the world. He may be loud but deep in his heart he is a true gentlemen. He hit the ball hard and long. The only problem is he can't figure out why is it so difficult to make the putt at Saujana. There is no mistaken about Abg Usop. Dont underestimate his power , strength and most of all his jokes. I would go anywhere with this guy.

2. A Doctor CJ - Handicapp 12

What a true gentlemen. Despite the pain suffered at his left leg , he keeps on going without regret. At times I wonder I could have let this guy stop at half way and let him out of his misery. But he never did complained and asked to be excused. Instead he keeps on going and plays on and enjoy the 18 hole walking with friends. I wonder how many of them are out there in the real world.

3. AdieJIN - Handicapp Unknown

He is a gentlemen but most of the time mistakenly identified as a harsh and a bit cocky guy. His words are actually words of wisdom and most of the time are honest and true comments. He will never go wrong in this world except this world is not that kind to him . How I wish one day he would get a beutiful princess . Someone who will marry him for what he is and take him 100 % Adiejin. ...

4. A cocky Chicken Called Ayam - Handicapp irrelevant

He may look a bit weary when he plays golf. He does not have the right basic simply because he is not phisically fit to play it anyway. But his determination to play and to accompany those friends who wants to play with him is something that I admire. He is definitely not a keen golfer neither he likes to play the game. How I wish he would be able to play the game better.

5. Other than golf He is a go cart racer - Handicapp errr...15 ?

He is one of those leaders whom I look up to and has all the charisma as a leader. He has the ability to talk to people whithout hesitation. He do listen. His characteristics is something which is no longer commonly available in the organisation where I work full time. How I wish I could work with him again. Soon enough I hope...

6. Banta - Handicapp 5

Played with him during my early days of playing golf. He will not hesitate to give out tips and willing to keep an eye for mistakes when I make that swing. His full time job was handling helicopters and fly them from time to time. I have not met him for almost 7 years now.

7. Anton... - Handicapp 7

What can I say ? Need I say more about this guy....

8. KI - Handicapp + 3

Most of the time he keep reminding me of having to call me whenever I am playing my 2nd shot. Simply because he is always about 100 yards infront of us. That is a way now history. A bit closer to him whenever hitting my 2nd shot.

9. Tom - Handicapp , no one knows

A squash player who thought golf is somewhat quite similar to golf. Until today I have yet to play a game with him. Why I like him so much ? He is a leader.

10. Me myself and I , do you really thinks I will write it down here now...nahhhh


AdieJin said...

My handicap is 24 but will wear skirt and tee of at red teebox.then can claim 3-1-1 1000. yezzirrr...tq tq GA for the kind words...

dannyFoo said...

Go cart racing.. mMMmm.. sw33t! :D

But warning to all, do NOT race when you have your mum or dad in the car. Mine..urm.. fell out.. I still kinda regret it. T_T sigh..