Monday, July 11, 2005

Great Balls of fire....

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Other than the usual golf balls I have seen on the course , among those above are some of those unique golf balls around. I have yet to establish the right golf ball for my games. Most of the time srixon soft balls are quite cheap and affordable. At times with some extra budget , Callaway and Titliest can be the good golf balls which can be tricky at times.

My preference is still Titliest Pro V. It may a bit costly but much manageable than other balls. However one must take note different golf courses may suit different golf balls type. Hard green may requires you to play soft balatas ball. Soft green on the other hand may be usefull for soft greens like the one in Labuan.

Still , if you mess up with your swing , any balls produced to suit your swing may not be of any help.


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AdieJin said...

The best golf balls are the ones I buy along the road to PEransang TEmpler..RM 35 for 20 balls..I don't feel sore when I feed them to the fishes.