Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What is it all about ?

A fren whom I have never seen him playing makes a rude remarks on the efforts that I have put into making this blog alive an kicking. How rude it was or whatever , I have seen much worse. Proabably the person do not have the chance to enjoy golf the way I have enjoyed golf for the last 10 years.Or he himself might have gone thru a torrid experience in trying to play golf. Well I have seen characters screaming out loud on the golf course , cursing the weather , the golf set , the caddie and even the golf course for his blunder.

Yes , in Golf the more effort you put in especially on the practise range , the level of satisfaction will be synonym to the effort you put in. However if you practise without the supervision of another better golfer or at least a teaching pro , you might end up making stupid remarks on the golf again and again.

For a fren who is somewhere out there on top of his corporate dreams , you may have the best job , but does not means your golf is much better than mine. ha ha ha...me me me.


Adam said...

There are always some people out there who can't understand our passion for something - be it golf or blogging. I guess we just have to go on doing what we love best.

Golf Addix said...

Cheers Adam

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