Thursday, July 28, 2005

Golfers Sin

For those who wanted to embark on a journey to learn and play the game , there are one or two things that most of us golfers forgot to tell them. In the game , you will be exposing your true attitude be it positive or negative personal natures.

Once a golfer that I knew , loves to move his ball into a playable position whenever no one is not looking. It does not take long when everybody who knew him started to talk about it and begining to stop playing with him or against him.

I have seen greedy golfers. Using their status to gain the exclusive rights to play for corporate games. I have seen other greedy golfers using their positions to ask some other organisation to pay for their green fees . I have seen much much more greedy golfers who do not pay much attention to skilled but unrich golfer likes me.

There are also hot tempered golfers. Yelling , shouting and screaming at the ball seems to be their god gifted skill which no one else seems to understand . Are they really mad at the ball or is it because they are mad at themselves for not hitting the ball. Or is it a cover up of their ego for failing to hit the ball or they dont want to look stupid.

Non golfers ,if you want to start playing golf , please leave all those negative personality at home of throw it all away. The list is not exhaustive. I will write again about this later. If you want to play golf , be positive , get a pro to teach you all the basics and spend more time at the practise range.

Used to read an article in one of the posh golf magazines that quotes " The difference between a pro and amateur is , pro will be hitting the balls at the practise range before playing 18 holes , but an amatuer will be rushing to the first tee box to play 18 holes".

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