Thursday, July 14, 2005

Of kings and good horses

A tale that had never been told to the world of golf. But it does exist almost in every part of golfing greens in the country. Which country , it is up to you to decide. King decides who gets to play and THe King also decide who gets to ride the horses.
One day , on a fine away on a greeny pastures , The King was playing golf with its good horses. The King hit a very bad shot and ended playing the worst game in his entire life not even kncking a single par on the day. One of the good horses started to play like a pro and begining to show what golf is all about, passion and skill.
The King gets irritated with its horses. The King call upon other horses which among them who likes to shit and brag about it all over the city. So the Kings and this shitty horses beginning to realise their dreams on joining the Dungeon Open will not materialised if the good horses started to play well.
The the command is given to the shitty horses. And they have executed their job very well , shitting at every single corner in the city and started to brag about it , except this time brag it with the good horses name. Then the good horses gets popular in the city but now with shitty clauses. For the rest of the epic...hit your tee shot first , the group behind us is already waiting .

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