Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I have to admit ...

Give me ten reasons why you should not play golf. Most answers from friends who does not plays golf are the following :

1. I dont have the time
2. I am too lazy to wake up early in the morning.
3. I dont like the idea of walking in the hot sun.
4. What swing ?
5. Excuse me ! How much it cost to become a club member ?
6. Come again , how much did you say the cost of one golf set ?
7. Hang on a minute , one ball into a hole .
8. What dont you use a base ball bat ?
9. I prefer sleeping.
10. etc etc etc etc

Now ten reasons from a golfer who wish he could play golf 8 days a week :

1. I wanna try that new driver.
2. That new clubs I bought , it is perfect for me.
3. Someone is paying the green fees...
4. Meeting clients on the green...
5. Winning almost all the stakes...
6. Nothing to do at home .
7. Too much hassles at the office.
8. He owns the golf club.
9. Everyone loves to play with him.
10. Golf Addix..


AdieJin said...

I chose blogging to golfing now..heheh..unless people give me min 8 strokes..then can play play.

Golf Addix said...

me give you 8 stroke one. all over...