Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Open 2005

I have no favourites this year especially when for the last 2 years , no one in the top ten are close to the winner. I must admit those big guns tend to make out reasons and most of the time blaming the conditions for making bad tee shots etc etc etc. Hello.... you guys are big lazy pros. Why cant you guys accept the fact that the weather is not going to be friendly at the Open. You wanna bright sun light go to the asians countries.

I must admit I hate those guys on the top ten ranking. I believe they all should be taken away from the ranking if they do not perform well at the majors. Start making the majors as the main critieria for world ranking. Plus start taking of those players who plays the open simply because they play well in the past. Stop it once and for all.

Well simply my honest opinion is these guys are not that good anyway....


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