Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Of news golfers hate to watch on TV

Ten things that I hate today:
1. Watching a british lashing out brutal comments on Malaysian Car producer.
2. Tun on the news ... bla bla bla ...aren;t they all the same.
3. Seeing Retief and Phil taking the USD1 million pot for winning 5 and 3 at The Battle.. , wonder how much was the appearance fee...
4. Cant afford to buy a plane ticket to see a dear fren down with dengue and wife loss 17 weeks baby.
5. CSI ... god knows what are they thinking ...
6. Enjoying my time at the office ? really ???
7. Running all over the city to pay dues...and when I reach the counter "System Down" , might as well they close down the bank. More like they do not know how to reboot.
8. Motorist who drive on the road as they are on the golf buggy looking all over for their balls.
9. Some CEO bragging and some old man , bragging abt his own past.
10. Seeing yuppies from YPC : looking like ?@#$$%^^^&&$#@&**

But what I like most today is I am damn good. So what !

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