Thursday, July 14, 2005

Of course it is The Open

Thinking of playing golf at St Andrews. Many did and that includes others but not me. Always wanted to save the game at the old course , not now but one day with some playing partners. What makes the course so special. Is it the first place where golf is born ? If it is , so what. I was born at a hospital somewhere is Rengit which I don't take it that special. No insult to the current population of Rengit but , why should I regard it as something special.

Lets move on to The Open. Now thats the way to do it Tiger. And guess what , now I do know I am right when I say Big Ernie is a big bully. He is that good in a tournament where all the big guns are not around. So when he is in a big crowd , so Ernie , I did watch you played that shot on par 4 was it 11th or 12th. Hitting it with a driver and end up in the bunker when your playing partner are hitting it with iron and fairway wood from the tee.

Not very long ago I used to have a different perception of the big Easy. Not anymore. Good swing but not a good tactician. Your time is over sir. So who do you think will carry the claret jug on the 18th hole this year. Many predicted Tiger will do it again. But if you looks on his statistics, Tiger never fails to win it when he is in red in his first round. Immelman might just sneak in with some magic and Luke Donald could spring in some suprises. Chris Riley , hey you got some lucky breaks today my man.

Who ever wins it ... you're most welcome to visit GA.

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dave said...

Looks like it is still open with several in the picture. What a wonderful tournament to watch and not have to wait all day for the broadcast.