Saturday, October 22, 2005

Working and polishing

Ga has never felt this down. Unfortunately as of today suddenly all the efforts and hard works thrown at workplace is taken away by circumtances. Someone is going to get all the credit by not making a single effort, and yes I feel like hitting 1000 balls at range today keeping in mind the ball is someone I really want to hit and smack hard.

Maybe on monday GA will respond with the following notes :
1. Ohh , sorry those files that I have been working on since 2003 , oohh it has been deleted and I cant figure out where I file it.
2. errrr I think I have deleted those files , hang on , there may be some hard copies , but then again it would probably have been outdated and I would not know how to update it anyway.
3. Do it yourself lah......

The first time today I am taking it all as cool as I can be. By not saying a single word , I walked away from the crowd and went home as early as I could. ha ha ha , life is that fair...

GA - I am definitely not in the mood to come back to the office on monday.

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