Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blur images of sports personalities

IN golf two main personalities have made to the headlines with bad images. One playing the ball three inches closer to the green and ended up being disqualified and another fails to make the cut in a tournament which I would have thought should have been won easily. The two are having some major problems with their game. One fails to focus on the rules and the other fails to observe the basic tools in playing golf. I would have put as being stuborn , over confident and thinking too much about winning rather than making a good solid game.
In football , I have some bad remarks on a football team which I have been supporting since I was 12 yrs old. How could they spend so much on a number of strikers who do not know how to strike the ball into the net. These players should be ban and should consider stop playing the game once and for all.

In politics , a number of MP's are playing with other MP's issues in pressing their influence. These MP's looks very aggressive , louding their thoughts on how and what should have been done. On the other hand , what have they done to their own playing ground. They are talking about policies and yet there are still starving kids next door. ALmost on a daily basis , organisations and some individuals are seen and potrayed in the local dailies or local screen showing how they spend money for those who can't afford to spend money for the local festive season.
Is that neccessary or is it simply a super dooper one off showscreen and will have to wait for another 11 months for a sequel ?

At the same time , ada 2 org tgh bercintan dgn lentuk nya over the blog of which me and my darling managed to point out their actual identity. Mana tak nya all the clues are there in each blog. AT times it reminds me of the time I met my dearest . A door opened and ish ish ish tak leh lah citer.

One tips for golfer out there. Ni dapat from local top amatuer yg recently baru aje dapat sponsorship from Maruman. I am happy for him. Putting on various type of green. For fast and speedy green yg macam simen tu , all you to do is putt the ball at the khatulistiwa line of the ball. That is striking the ball at the centre , putter tu kira is not touching the ground. Reason logic nya is that for fast green , you need to strike the ball smoothly and make it roll.
For green yang berat , tebal and slow , then you have to putt the ball at full moon. The putter is much closer to the ground. This is to create more spin and make the ball roll. Kalau at centre of the ball , then the ball will have some spin effect and yes tak lah ke depan bola tu.

Last but not least , bila aku punya nano maruman nak sampai nie ...

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senorita said...

Hi Jack,
Hehe... the hints are everywhere on the blog, eh?? Glad that it brings back memories for you and your darling... Looking at things, I never thought blogging can bring two people together like this.

Take care and regards to your dearest zalita.