Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cairo , Dubai and Khartoum

Those were the items we bought while we were in those cities. The big is made of crystal , bought at Asfour Crystal in Cairo. We were quite amazed sitting inside the gallery sitting next to the Asfour Crystal Plant. It is much cheaper to get from there than to buy it anywhere else on shopping malls or souvenir shop in the middle east. So if you are thinking about visiting Cairo , visiting the Asfour Crystal gallery itself is a must. The cheapest way and safest route to visit the city is to get some assistance from brother and sisters studying or works there.
We spend on about USD 100 a day for meals , accomodation , a car with someone to drive it and someone who can speaks the local dialect as well as negotiating the prices. We visited the city twice , first during aidil adha in 2002 and on the way back to msia during our summer holidays (with my other half). Personally I have visited Cairo more than 3 times while I was posted in Khartoum. The city is self , as one of the malaysian student describe it as a city with hidden treasures. Those places where most people visited was not in our priority list. Little that we knew , makam Imam Syafiee was there ?
The second jug was bought in Khartoum during one of the international fairs and the item itself is made in Pakistan. You wont see the real colour in the pic but I can assure you , it is a gem. Kharotum it self is a city with so much wonders. White Nile and Blue nile and the hospitality of the locals which we wont see on the news. Then there was Dubai. A city with its own gems. Many would brand it as the modern part of the middle east. So much can be said and be told about the city. If you have that extra cash and thinking of going somewhere , try Cairo and Dubai or even Khartoum.

ps Acat n Senorita , Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
ps2 Adie Jin - we love yer forever....
ps3 Adam and Ez - good luck ...

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Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin back to you... have a safe journey to wherever you two lovebirds and family are heading.